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Conflict Early Warning Mechanism

The Liberia Peacebuilding Office established a conflict early warning and early response (EWER) mechanism in 2011 at the county level and later to some districts with current efforts towards decentralizing same in several districts and communities. There are over 150 conflict early warning monitors/reporters recruited from the 15 counties and districts, trained and deployed in the counties. These conflict early warning monitors work in concert with County Peace Committees (CPCs) also established in 2009 by PBO in collaboration with UNMIL.

Furthermore, there is a Conflict Early Warning Working Group of 34 institutions that is comprised of state institutions such as the Liberia National Police, Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization, Drug Enforcement Agency, as well as representatives from UNMIL and civil society that meet regularly to discuss and adopt actions to address specific issues with potentials to escalate violence.

There have been many achievements of the EWER through its early warning reports and early response efforts. Series of mediations and subsequent resolutions in conflict matters across the country by the EWER focal persons along with the CPCs as the result of the early warning reports of violence and or potential conflict issues being reported by EWER reporters to the PBO and LERN platforms. Cases such as land disputes, domestic relations, public nuisance, cross border disputes, conflict between concessionaires and local citizens, conflict between concessionaires and concession workers, mistrust, mob violence, drug trafficking, human trafficking and rape are among several categories of reports being reported from across the country.

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